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Thank you for working with us, and understanding as we make changes to our business, prices, and schedule. 

We again have a few things we will be changing, and implementing. In August 2023, we will be requiring deposits for all surgeries scheduled. We have many clients that will forget to call and cancel, and have left us with a ‘no-show’. We want to keep business going, but need to make sure we have enough procedures each surgery day to keep going. This will apply to new clients as well.

What does this change mean? If you call in to set an appointment for a new client exam, neuter, spay, or dental (or any procedure needing anesthesia), we will require a $50 deposit over the phone. It will go toward either the exam fee day of the procedure, or will serve as a cancellation/no show fee.

I understand this is inconvenient, we are trying to figure out what will fill our days with worthwhile appointments. Please be understanding and accommodating as we move forward.

This year, we have a goal to help educate out clients on the best preventative care for our pets. This includes dewormer, probiotics, and the best nutritional food. Each client that comes in for an exam will be able to learn about the preventative options that we have at the clinic.

Please remember that everything we do is to keep both you and your pet safe and healthy. We ask that you be patient and kind to our team, we promise that we are moving as quickly as we can while maintaining the highest level of care that your pet deserves.

Thank you again for supporting us, being kind to our staff, and being such a significant part of our extended family.

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